Principal Message!

It is an honour and privilege to be the Principal of New Patliputra Central School,which stands for excellence. This is a premier Co-education Secondary School affiliated to CBSE.

Since its inception in 1 April 2009, this reputed institution has witnessed a phenomenal growth towards greater challenges and greater responsibilities. I am committed to uplift the educational standard and inculcate the social and moral values in youth. A conducive environment is provided to all the learners to see their dreams, flourish their vision and achieve their goal. I believe in Sachin Tendulkar's saying: "Never stop chasing your dream, because dreams come true."

Education is not a mere process of giving knowledge but it prepares the students to serve the society with greater responsibility. Teaching and Training given to the students at Indian Public School on art and craft, Yoga, Computer, Science etc along with the C.C.E pattern of teaching prepare the students to chisel their potential.

I would like to request the parents to attend the P.T.M. and discuss every minute detail about your wards. You are requested to inform the School Office regarding any change in your address or telephone number.

The students produced by this school have unfurled the flag of success in the past. I am quite hopeful that the students of this school will lead in all sectors of India and abroad. The true education imparted here will fulfill our hopes and aspirations. I strongly believe in saying: "Education is not the answer to any question, education is the means to answer all questions.